Tye & Courtney Dorn Wedding- The Tye & Courtney Dorn Wedding was held on June 5, 2010. The wedding was a beautiful site to behold! The bison herd provided a great backdrop for the ceremony.



National Bison Conference - Beverly served as chair of the National Bison Association Winter Conference in Denver in January 2014.

Fat Burger Adds Bison to Menu - We added a restaurant - Fat Burger Grill - to our commercial client list in 2009. Our local health food store, Brazos Natural Foods, is selling our meat almost more quickly than we can supply it. Premier Raw Grill in Round Rock is also serving our meat.

Lucky B Bison Consults on Book -    A Harlequin Romance novelist, Victoria Chancellor, called Beverly to do research on bison ranching while she was working on her book, "An Honorable Texan." When the book was published (Harlequin #1215), the author thanked Beverly for "her help understanding and appreciating bison." Summer 2009

Reaganne Goes to A&M - Reaganne, our 10-year-old 1,300-pound "pet" buffalo cow, took a trip to town for a pedicure at the Texas A&M Large Animal Veterinary Hospital. Her spa treatment was featured in the next issue of Veterinary Medicine Today, the vet school's magazine.

Brazos County Commercial Heifer Show Thank You Party- The Lucky B hosted the annual fundraiser for the Brazos County 4-H Commercial Heifer program in October 2009.

TREC Christmas Celebration - December 2008

The Texas Regional Eye Center held their annual Christmas Celebration at the ranch on December 6, 2008. The event included a meal of bison burgers, horseshoe matches and even a "Buffalo Calling" competition! The evening was filled with fun and entertainment for the whole group. The next time your group needs a fun venue, contact Lucky B Bison for pavilion rental info.

Brazos County Commercial Heifer Show Thank You Party- October, 2008

The Brazos County Commercial Heifer Show Committee held a thank you party at the ranch on October 22, 2008. This fund raiser was held in conjunction with the Youth Commercial Heifer show and sale to raise scholarship monies for the youth in the Brazos County. A BBQ dinner and dance was held.

Mason Family Graduation Party

We hosted a high school graduation party for the Mason family in April, and everyone had a great time - April 2008

St. Joseph Elementary Summer Class tours the Lucky B Bison Ranch - August 2008


        The St. Joseph Elementary Summer Class had a picnic and tour of the Lucky B Bison Ranch. Bison Hot Dogs were served to about 60 kids and counselors. The kids were able to have fun coloring a bison picture, playing buffalo games, hearing some Indian stories, visiting up close with "Reaganne" (the ranch's pet bison) and having a hay ride tour to see the entire bison herd. Beverly Brown told the kids some interesting bison facts and talked about the ranch and raising bison. 







Texas A&M TALL Program kicks off a new class at the Lucky B Bison Ranch. July 2008 

      The Texas A&M Tall program kicked off their 2008-2009 class at the Lucky B Bison Ranch where Bison burgers were served to the new class. Guest speakers talked about their recent trips abroad and introduced the new members to a true "Texas Experience".

From farm and ranch to processor and supermarket, Texas agriculture faces unabated change. How it changes in response to current forces such as environmentalism, new technologies, consumer issues, governmental regulation and global markets will profoundly impact agriculture for years to come.  The Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership (TALL) program is dedicated in building future Texas leaders so that our food and fiber system is preserved and enhanced.  Given the critical issues facing agriculture today, there is a need to provide intensive leadership development experiences for a promising new generation of leaders.  That is why the Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership program was established, and why we believe it is so important today


The Lucky B Bison ranch was shown in the Spring 2008 CVM Today publication at Texas A&M University. Click here for the article

Bison Header      derr and halbert

Dr. James Derr has led research efforts in the conservation genetics of American bison for 15 years and is shown here with Assistant Research Professor Dr. Natalie Halbert. They share a mutual appreciation for this iconic species with the owners of the local Lucky B Bison Ranch, Donnis Baggett and Beverly Brown.

Stephen F. Austin High School, class of 1966 hosted a "We turned 60" party- June 2008

 In June 2008, the Stephen F. Austin high school alumni gathered at the Lucky B Bison Ranch to have a group birthday party as the class members turned 60. Jimmy Brown organized the party to celebrate the "coming of age".

Brazos County Commercial Heifer Show Committee hosts a fund raiser at the Lucky B Ranch -October 2007 The Committee hosted their annual kickoff party (Spring 2008) to thank the patrons and to help raise additional money for the youth Scholarship program.


Hutchison tours El Camino Real - March 22, 2005

Hutchison gets breakfast
Photo from the Bryan/College Station Eagle / Dave McDermand
Beverly Brown of the Lucky B Bison Ranch serves Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and daughter Bailey a chuck wagon breakfast as Debi Mushinski looks on during Hutchison’s stop in Bryan as part of her three-day El Camino Real tour.

The Lucky B Bison ranch hosted a chuckwagon breakfast of bison breakfast tacos and campfire coffee for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and a group of about 150 from the Bryan/College Station area. The chuckwagon breakfast was the designated stop in the Brazos Valley as the senator traveled the El Camino Real trail from the Louisiana border to the Mexico border at Eagle Pass. The trip was in commemoration of the El Camino Real Trail as it was designated as a National Historic Trail. The early-morning breakfast stop was a big hit with all in attendance.

April 1, 2005: Ginney Ford and a group of 25 students and parents came out to spend lunch at the Lucky B Bison ranch and learn about the American Bison. The group admired the herd, had a lunch of bison burgers and hot dogs and played games.

Herd Additions

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons at Lucky B Bison. New bison babies are coming into the world, so there are little orange bundles of life everywhere these days. Proud mammas are looking on protectively as we drive through the herd carefully to see which ones are boys and which ones are girls. Meanwhile, we're praying for rain and getting ready for haying season.

In just a few weeks the mating season will begin, and this one will be even more exciting than last. Our herd bull, Rocky, is ready for romance!

Meat Sales

We're delighted that Fat Burger on Wellborn Road in College Station is serving our half-pound buffalo burger. Sales are going very well.

We also supply bison meat to Brazos Natural Foods, 4303 S. Texas Avenue in Bryan. The meat business is booming!

Texas A&M University class field trip:
Gerald Betty &"History Of Native Americans" students.